EMG provides a variety of services , from charachterization and specifications to close supervision and systems implementation.

The services we give are devided to diferent phases:

Risk Analysis Survey:
Providing asuitable and up-to-date technological solution  for the defined threats and scenarios.
EMG conducts risk  analysis surveys at the highest level and has extensive experience in the field.providing an up-to-date technological solutionAnd suitable for defined threats and scenarios

Conceptual Design:
System Perception
Needs Analysis
Presentation of Alternatives
Block Diagrams
Definition of Control Strategy
Selection of Preferred Alternative
Cost Estimate

Technical Specifications:
Preparation of technical specifications
Bill of Quantity
Computerized Programs
Quality Control Procedures
Acceptance Tests Procedures

Public Authorities Authorization & Coordination:
Police, Military, Government – Security Systems
Telephone companies –  Telephone lines, Point-Point Lines, cellular phones, public networks
Fire Department – Safety Systems
Ministry of Communications – Wireless Radio Network- Frequencies.
National Cyber Security Authority

Issue of tenders & Proposal Evaluation: 
Determining threshold conditions
Selection of Contractors and Suppliers for Tendering
Evaluation and Appraisal of tenders
Assistance in negotiations with contractors

Supervision & Acceptance Tests:
On-site inspections and periodical reports
Coordination with third parties
Budget and Accounts Control
Acceptance tests
On-going Consultation and Assistance During Commission and operation 

System Integration:
Ensure that all the VLV systems are interfaced with each other in the best and most economical way.

Establishing laws for the topology of security systems and building control (BMS) to provide a flexible options for connections between the systems.

Establishment of communication protocols that will allow connection between the systems in an easy and simple way and with full and cost-effective integration.

Providing reference to the specifications of – electricity, lighting, air conditioning, plumbing and elevators- With regard to the control systems

Design and integration of cyber protection systems to the OT systems – security systems and building control systems (BMS)

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